A Week with Apple WATCH

I did order Apple's new WATCH shortly after it went on sale, but I started with somewhat neutral expectations of its real value. I assumed it would be both as useful and annoying as my Pebble. I have to say at 6 days in, its an order of magnitude more useful and less annoying.  

All of these things beat my admittedly tempered expectations:
  • Fine grained control of notifications. I do not see anything on my wrist i don't want to.  You get fine grained control separate from what your notifications are on the phone itself.
  • Notifications are smart and actionable. Replying to text messages quickly and easily is a great thing, but with other apps, the same custom notification actions you get on the phone, you also get on the watch.  You also don't get a notification on the watch if you are looking at your phone and reacting with them there, further reducing the nagging factor.  
  • Siri. I have no idea if the watch has anything to do with this, but because I have the watch I rely on it more than I had been. Siri seems to have improved significantly in the last year or so.  Dictation has been working surprisingly well and I love not pulling out my phone to send someone a quick sentence.
  • Taptic. Vibration (on Pebble) is jarring and annoying, Taptic is a whole different thing.  It really feels like you are being tapped gently, and its distinct.
  • Battery life.  I end every day with 30%. I'm finding having a good solid day and charging nightly better than the 4-6 days I'd get with the pebble. I frequently got stuck with a dead Pebble watch in the middle of some random day.  I had to pay a lot of attention to the battery so I wouldn't get stuck. Now since I know I can end the day with juice, even with heavy use I don't even think about the battery any more.  
  • Watch faces. The watch faces are well designed and offer so much customization in look and 'complications' that I really don't want for more.  As an example both the images at the end of the post are the same 'face'.  

In short, I'm really impressed with the design (both software and hardware) and capabilities of this v1 product.  I'm not sure I'm going to be able to wear my beloved Hamilton mechanical without feeling like I'm missing out.  


And I didn't even break it: SSD install on late 2009 27" iMac

I got the Mercury 6G, kit and tools from OWC.  If you've done this before you can see from the pix that I ordered the wrong data doubler. Here is what I should have purchased for mounting, though I sort of McGuyvered it and it seems solid enough (i don't plan on dropping my iMac).  I would not recommend that as an approach, but I'm generally hard pressed for time (and impatient) so I'll live with it.

I've never cracked an iMac before... its impressive how they pack a computer in there and its hard to beleive thats considered roomy compared to the latest gen